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We believe that no problem is too large, nor is any problem too minor to care about.

DSM Stone and Glass Works follow international standards of restoration and preservation. The process starts with a prompt evaluation that is free of charge. The team will then offer various ways on how to restore and protect your glass and stone. With our skilled team coupled with the right technology, transformation becomes possible. At a reasonable cost, we give glass and stone a new life with an overall physical appearance that is often better than their condition upon installation.

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Our Philosophy


With its high-caliber labor force, DSM Stone and Glass Works is committed to provide an exceptional services that are aligned to the national and international standards for the attainment of quality outcomes.

We aspire to gain our clients' trust and faith in us by making sure to provide innovative solutions to all their glass and stone restoration needs and coming up with different techniques and restoration expertise to delight their expectations.


DSM Stone and Glass Works envisions to be the leading glass and stone restoration and polishing center in the country by providing an exceptional but reasonable services to its clients.

We firmly believe by providing our partners with the best restoration service, our company would not only be able to make a statement but also bring the popularity it deserves and accolades for its uniqueness and quality.

We aim to be the first choice of every leading architect, interior designer and property developer looking to partner for their aesthetically appealing and high quality projects.


DSM exists due to its strong adherence to loyalty as one of its core values. It is vital for us to have commitment in order to achieve a quality service and to be competitive in the market.

The key for success towards every endeavor is honesty and having strong moral principles. From the time of the inception or creation of our company and continuous to exist during the lifetime of such.

We are dedicated to exceed and not just to meet the expectation and satisfaction of our clients. All services are being conducted with care and monitored to assure meeting the international standard.

With DSM Stone and Glass Works, we believe that providing our clients the services they deserve is a real commitment of excellence.

With DSM, we believe that consistencies of being effective and efficient in the performance of our services and openness to learning opportunities will be considered as an edge.

Our idea is to bring the newest high quality standard and innovative techniques in restoration services.
Our process comprises the best and unique trends and solutions to create a magnificent outcome.

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